Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Date

JaN graciously offered to babysit Ava tonight so that Don and I could go on our first date. She's 14.5 months old, so it's definitely been some time since we've gone out and spent quality time alone.

Jeniffer gave us gift certificates a couple of years ago to Medieval Times. At that time I was pregnant and afraid that I would vomit from the smell of horse dung. Not that I was throwing up so much but my sense of smell was heightened. So we waited and waited and waited. Before you knew it, Ava was here. I wasn't ready to part even for a couple of hours from Ava so I refused to go to Medieval Times. It took me a year before I was ready to go out and enjoy something without my daughter and not feel guilty or emotional.

I did go out one other time while my infant daughter was only two months old. I died on the inside and tried to force myself to have a good time. I had to fight all the tears from coming out. It was difficult for me.

Anyhow, date night. What a BLAST! Who knew this place could be so much fun?!

Don told me had been forced to go since childhood. I asked if I was forcing him to go tonight, he said no but in my head I had already thought that date night was gonna be a bust. I was sad but determined to have a good time regardless.

I was waiting for Don to be irritated from the lines or what not. I'm not sure. Just waiting for the negativity to come from him but he made no comments. I was silently happy.

We got in and the first thing we did was order drinks! Don got a beer and I, the Dragon's Layer! DELICIOUS! It's dangerous but I love it when alcoholic beverages don't taste like alcohol. Just a whole lotta goodness!

We were seated shortly after and began our dinner and show. We were rooting for the Red Knight. It was so much fun cheering with our group of people!

I love live events! No matter what it is, I LOVE it! And I don't know why but I had never put Medieval Times in the label of a live event. Live events for me in the past were anything at the Honda or Staples Center and the Edison Field. You know, something huge with a whole lotta people cheering.

I don't think I put a lot of thought into what Medieval Times would be. Dinner and a show doesn't sound like something huge. It just sounds like dinner and a movie. So it's not the same thing as a live event. But OMG! Once you get there and get into the mood of the atmosphere and energy, it's AWESOME!

Everyone cheers and waves their flags for their colored Knight. It's a competition and it's just fun. Watching sword fighting, jousting, etc. Everything with its story was entertaining. I enjoyed everything to the fullest and had even more fun because our Red Knight won the evenings competition. Seriously folks, it makes it that much better.

JaN did an excellent job of babysitting. Ava took her nap while we were gone. We were afraid she would go bonkers if she saw us leave. Since Ava naps for 1.5-2 hours, I thought they would only have to deal with a little bit of crying since our dinner was 2 hours long. (I put her down right before our reservation.) We were advised our daughter didn't even notice we were gone. They apparently had a lot of fun together and babysitting was easy.

Thank goodness because we have another gift card!

Hmmm...posting pics on this site sucks so far. I don't get the option of where to post the pics and what order they go in. That or I'm doing it wrong. Maybe I'll look into wordpress.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Trying something new

I've been blogging since 2003 on a different site and after several years and several others sites, I feel like its time for something new.

Xanga's been good to me but I need better organization for my archived posts. I don't want to just hit a back button over and over and over again or maybe see a calendar that I can go back on. I want the title's and what not. I need just a little bit more but i'm not paying for it.

So after reading and checking out a few sites, I think I've decided to go with blogger/blogspot. I hope it does me good.

So, you'll find a whole lotta random stuff on my posts. Anything from family, friends, foods, book, obsessions, hatred, just cuz i'm bored and etc.

Gotta love blogging!